Unique Features:

FULL FLEDGED TRAUMA CARE CENTRE: Prompt & integrated management of Polytrauma & acute strokes with the availability of Neurosurgery , Neuromedicine, Orthopedic surgery, Plastic & &reconstructive surgery, cardiothoracic surgery , clinical & invasive Cardiology, vascular surgery, urology ,ENT surgery ,Gastro surgery, Eye Surgery , endocrine surgery supported by round the clock services of world class blood bank & diagnostics .

The most modern delivery system – “Pneumatic Tube” to achieve efficient & safe transportation of drugs, pathological samples. First of its kind in India.

Cardiac Cath Lab Alluraxperfd10 ceiling suspended-flat panel equipped with latest generation dynamic flat detector

1.5 Tesla Ultra fast 16 channel

Ultra fast 128 slice Cardiac CT

Portable C T SCANS First time in Northern region

Capsule Endoscopy: Camera capsule can be easily ingested which takes thousands of color photos of the digestive trackt
Seamless Ultra Clean Operation Theatres as per the International standards with Laminar Air Flow with dedicated AHUs for each OT.
Intensive Care Unit Equipped with latest generation equipment and high end bed side patient monitors for the close monitoring of the patients through web.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit (Ambulence) with Latest Generation Equipments.

ULTRA MODERN BLOOD BANK FACILITY available round the clock assuring safe transfusion of high quality blood components.Equipped with latest generation high end equipment including aphaeresis units for component donation as well as component separation & storage according to International Standards.

Laboratory Sahara Hospital-Curing through Care
Level III NICU has the state-of-the-art Transport Incubator with ventilator for transporting sick newborns.
One of the distinguishing features of Sahara Hospital is the effective integration of latest Information Technologies and Medical Technologies
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

World class Entrance lobby with elegant environment.

Enjoy motherhood -Special Anti Natal Classess

Thyroid clinic

Unique surgeries/Treatments/Procedure

  • Pioneer centre for Neuroendoscopic Surgeries
  • Cardiac Angiography by Noninvasive Method. In 5 heart beat Cardiac Angiography can be Accomplished ensures Minimal Radiation and less dose of Contrast.
  • Facilities for Total Hip and Total knee replacement surgeries arthroscopic surgery, matching international standards, by trained surgeons.
  • Haemato-oncology -Hematological cancers, Lymphomas, Leukemias & Myelomas. A diverse range of oncological surgeries in the areas of Head & Neck cancer, Breast cancer, Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Gastrointestinal malignancies and Gynecological cancers.
  • Dialysis unit to offer you services of Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, and Bed Side Dialysis with CRRT facility.
  • Painless Delivery
  • Cochlear implantation – A cochlear implant can provide normal hearing to very severely deaf children and adults
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