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Radiology & Imaging Science:

Department of Radio diagnosis & imaging at Sahara Hospital REDEFINES VISION as the SCIENCE of seeing things invisible. The aim of Radiology Deptt. is to forge a link between Medicine and Science to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease . Sahara Hospital offers a comprehensive range of advanced Radiology including MRI, CT scan with Cardiac CT Scan, Cath Labs, Mammography System, Colour Doppler, Digital X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Computerized Stress Test (TMT), 2D Echocardiography. Round the clock investigation are available. Other consultants in the radiology team are Dr. Iqbal Naseem, DNRD, DNB, FRACP. They all are experts in Radiology Field.

The department consists of an expert team of skilled Radiologists. Dr Devender Sonkar,M.D(Radio-diagnosis) He is especially trained in CT Cardiac Angiography, Vascular Angiography, MRI & Digital Subtraction Angiography. He recieved specialized training in thoracic aorta stenting at Modena, Italy. He who also trained in ultrasound guided accelerated thrombolysis in patients of (DVT) at Amesterdam, Holland.

Department of Radio diagnosis and imaging is equipped with

1.5 Tesla ultra fast 16 channel MRI for High Definition Imaging MRI

  • 1.5 Tesla Ultra fast 16 channel.
  • Whole spine and whole body MR imaging.
  • Flared opening magnet at both ends – Patients will have no claustrophobia.
  • Fast and easy way for MR Mammography ( With No Radiation).
  • Diabetics may avail facility of exclusive tool to asses status of feet to prevent future complication


  • Non invasive coronary angiography with maximum safety and lowest radiation dose (1 to 3mSv )
  • Advanced (cardio-vascular) imaging
  • Whole Body Scan with in 10 sec.
  • Whole Body Angiography
  • CT Body Perfusion
  • Bronchoscopy, Angiography
  • Automated Lung Nodule Evaluation
  • All routine studies of head, neck, body, spine, limbs & joints.

The Radiology department at Sahara Hospital offers new generation 64 slice computed tomography for heart patient .this advanced diagnostic machine offers sharp,crystal clear and detail 3d images of the heart, and that too without any invasive prosedure.


Sahara hospital is equipped with conventional ultrasound (2D) as well as latest generation ultrasound technologies which includes:

  • 3D Ultrasound formats the images into 3D reconstructional and 4 d ultrasound which is 3D ultrasound in motion, giving the advantage of viewing the baby moving in -utero a THRILLING EXPERIENCE.
  • This volume ultrasound available at our hospital is capable of providing sections of organs to help clinician for better diagnosis.
  • Doppler ultrasound- is a special technique that evaluate blood as it flows through a blood vessel.
  • High-resolution ultrasonography of musclo-skeletal using high frequency probes.
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound
    DIGITAL RADIOLOGY Department of Radiology of Sahara Hospital has following machines for Digital Radiography-
  • 800mA X-RAY Machine with Fluoroscopy, 15-200mA X-RAY Machine,2.5 -60 mA X-RAY Machine

MAMMOGRAPHY: A mammogram is a specific imaging test that uses a low dose X –Ray system for examination of the breast for early detection of Cancer. It can find changes in the breast even when changes are too small to be picked up by self-examination or by Doctors.
All women share the risk of getting breast cancer. Regular screening makes it possible to detect breast cancer in earlier stages.

INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY: We have various Gastro-radiological intervention procedures such as percutaneous transhepatic Biliary drainage, percutaneous intra abdominal abscesses drainage/aspiration.Percutaneous hydatid cyst ablation Percutaneous pseudocyst drainage and percutaneous cystogastrostomy.Various vascular therapeutic procedures-angioplasty, embolization, vascular stenting and intravascular drug therapy.

TRANSFUSION MEDICINE: This department is headed by Dr. Ashish Tewari who is a well known Transfusion Medicine expert who super specializes in Immuno hematology & Blood Transfusion. Dr. Tewari acquired his MD in transfusion medicine from SGPGIMS, Lucknow - the first in the country to offer MD in this particular stream.
The Ultra modern transfusion medicine department adheres to international policies and protocols during the collection, processing, storage & transfusions thus following the international criteria of “Vein to Vein” transfusions.

ANAESTHESIOLOGY: The department of Anesthesiology at Sahara Hospital Lucknow is committed to provide the highest quality of anaesthesia services.
Our Anathesiest Team: Genl. Sujan Singh(MD),Dr T K Lala (MD) ,Dr.Rajiv Lakhotia(MD),Dr Meena K Moorthy (MD,DNB,FRCA),Dr. Adesh Srivastava, (M.D.), Dr. S. R. Siddiqui, (M.D.),Dr. Sundeep Pawar, M.D., P.D.C.C. (Neuroanaesthesia),Dr. Aarti Agarwal, (M.D),Dr. S. S. Nath, (M.D., P. D.C.C. ) (Cardiac

The Department of Anaesthesiology at Sahara Hospital Lucknow is committed to achieve our vision by:

Pre Anaesthetic Check-up Clinic (PAC):
Patients planned for surgical procedures will be given a thorough physical check up and will be optimised for any co-existent medical conditions. This will also provide an opportunity to brief the patients regarding the options in anaesthesia and methods of post operative pain relief available. We will also attempt to allay the anxieties of the patient regarding the surgery and anaesthesia and respect patients’ choices. All this information will enable the anaesthesiologist to plan anaesthesia and post operative pain relief technique in a manner that will be best suited to a particular patient.

Anaesthesia Care:
The main thrust will be to provide safe and comfortable anaesthesia in a friendly environment. Our anaesthesia rooms are equipped with the state-of-art and world class anaesthesia machines like Drager GS and Primus which have inherent advanced patients’ safety features: the worlds first anaesthesia machine with electronic gas-flow measurement; proven ventilation versatility to improve comfort levels and enhancing quality of patient care; accurate monitoring of gas flows to the patients; best in class ventilation performance-one ventilator for all patients and outstanding outcome and large TFT colour screen offers innovative user interface. A team of highly experienced and skilled anaesthesiologists well versed with modern technology, finest equipments and the latest drugs will ensure utmost patients’ safety and comfort.

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