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Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Psychology

Psychological well being is key to happiness, success and healthy relationships.

Psychiatry is medical specialty, which focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental, addictive and emotional disorders. Psychiatric treatment includes a full mental and physical health evaluation and an individualized treatment plan which may include medication, psychotherapy (talk therapy) or both or other modalities.

Mental health problems are very common; they do not affect three or four out of every five persons but one out of one. Mental health disorders occur in healthy people as well as those suffering from major or minor physical problems. The vast majority of individuals with mental illness continue to function in their daily lives, although with varying impairments. Psychiatrist helps patients to understand illnesses and what they can do to resolve life problems that contribute to illnesses. This may involve issues regarding job, in school, within family and community. Psychiatric consultation helps families with child abuse and neglect, domestic and community violence, substance abuse or school failure.

The department of Psychiatry at Sahara Hospital is comprised of psychiatrist and psychologists. Dr. Archana Shukla (Psychiatrist) - She has got experience of working in Chattrapati Sahu Ji Maharaj Medical University (former K.G.M.C.) Lucknow, Dr. Minakshi Mishara –Clinical counselor .

His specialization:

  • Well skilled in assessment of I.Q, childhood problems (hyperactivity & inattention, conduct problems, autism etc.
  • Well skilled in management of childhood problems and parental training of behaviour modification in children.
  • Well skilled in psychotherapy & counselling of troubled couples, marital, interpersonal, family, sexual and adjustment problems
  • Well skilled in counselling & psychotherapy of people with mental health problems like stress, adjustment problem, depression, anxiety, alcohol dependence, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia, dissociative disorder etc.

Sahara Hospital offers an all inclusive Mental Health and Behavioral Science Services. It offers screening, diagnosis and treatment psychiatric disorders like Schizophrenia, Mood Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety and Stress Related Disorders, Adjustment and Relational issues, Sleep Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Substance Addiction and Personality Disorders. It follows the dictum of “Healthy Mind is the Essence of Life”.

We have facility of different types of psychological therapies-
Counselling, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Psychotherapy, Alcohol and Tobacco de-addiction plan, Stress and Anger management Programme, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Positive Lifestyle plan, Motivation and Wellness plan are included for comprehensive and holistic services in the field of mental well being.

Counselling services are available for relationship problems, adjustment problems, marital problems, grief and late effects of trauma.

De addiction services are available for alcohol, tobacco, opoids, cannabis, and other drugs like alprazolam, morphine, painkillers, steroids dependence.

We offer you specialized services for women in following areas-
Effective management of depression, anxiety and psychosis in pregnancy both by talk therapy and medicines.

Counselling and medications for perimenopausal and menopausal psychological problems. We also offer you services of life style management plan for obesity.

We have programme focusing regarding providing information about normal growth and development for parents who are waiting for their little ones. This programme also incorporates providing tips for good parenting, toilet training, managing temper tantrums and aggressive behavior, teaching excellent manners.
We have taken a step ahead for children by starting Know Your Child Programme which aims for all round positive personality development of child helping them to excel in all domains of life, as well as sort out problems in child’s learning, academic, intellectual, emotional, and behavioral functioning.
Sahara Hospital offers Know Your Child Programme at cost effective prize of Rs 350 which includes intelligence and behavior assessment, psychological and psychiatric consultation up to a period of six months from the date of registration.

We offer services for effective management of dementia and depression in elderly age group. We offer counselling services for post retirement problems.

Facilities for IQ assessment, personality assessment, learning disability assessment, disability assessment by standardized psychological tests are also available.

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