Dr. Mazhar Husain
Ex. Head of Depts. Neurosurgery K.G. Medical University

Please seek prior appointment for Dr.Mazhar hussain on 0522 6781742
OPD TIMING: 11.00am to 12.00am on Every Monday to Friday (Saturday & Sunday Closed)

Area of Expertise: Dr.Husain’s clinical area of expertise is endoscopic neurosurgery and spinal surgery with focus on minimal invasive techniques. He operates upon 650 to 700 cases per year, comprising of all verity of neurosurgical diseases .he is credited with first successful neurosurgical operation under hypothermic cardiac arrest, in the country, on a case of complex Basilar bifurcation aneurysm,(2004)

Professional Qualification: Dr.Hussain earned his medical degrees-M.B.B.S., M.S.& M.Ch.(Neurosurgery) from King George’s Medical College. University of Lucknow.He underwent neurosurgery training of Prof.V.S.Dave & Prof.Goodwin Newton. He joined the neurosurgery faculty at King George’s Medical College in 1984 and rose to become head of the department in 1994, the position which he retained till oct.2008.

Credentials: Dr.Majhar Hussain is working as chief of neurosurgery at Sahara India Medical Institute Ltd., After relinquishing his post as Prof. and Head of neurosurgery ,at King George’s Medical College & CSM Medical university. Dr.Hussain is author of over 110 peer reviewed scientific papers published in various international journals of repute, including LANCET & ARCHIVES. His main area of research is technical developments in endoscopic neurosurgery and 13 of his publications are on this subject only. He has developed & hold patent right of a device for endoscopic lumber discectomy.(2002).Dr.Hussain has been a principle & co-investigator in eight research projects funded by DST,ICMR,MRC(UK) and others. He has authored seven book chapters.

He has delivered over 22 invited lecturers and given over six operative demonstrations at several centers in the country and abroad. He has been examiner of M.Ch.at various institute in the country. He has trained over 40 M.Ch. students and has been supervisor & co-supervisor of four P.HD. Candidates. Dr.Hussain is a past president of UP neurosciences society.

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