Dr. Arunpreet Kaur
M.D. Transfusion Medicine-Associate Consultant, Transfusion Medicine, Sahara Hospital

Area of special expertise:

  • Immuno-haematology
  • Resolution of ABO discrepancies
  • Identification of weaker sub groups (adsorption elution, weak D) & rare blood groups (Bombay group)
  • Transfusion support in allo-immunized patients
  • Resolution of incompatible cross match using different testing methods (enzyme, DTT, adsorption -elution, auto-antibodies)
  • Transfusion management in obstetric alloimmunized patients (antibody screening, identification & titration, preparation of red cell unit for IUT, extended red cell phenotyping)
  • Transfusion support in solid organ & bone marrow transplant recepients including ABO incomptaible.
  • Transfusion support in pediatric patients (neonatal exchange transfusion, preparation of pedibags)
  • Transfusion reaction work up (part of hemovigilance programme of India)
  • Quality control
  • Equipment management
  • Apheresis:
  • Donor Plateletpheresis (SDAP) using different cell separators
  • Therapeutic procedures
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in various clinical conditions
  • Cytapheresis
  • Adsortion column in ABOi Renal Transplant recipients

MD Transfusion Medicine
Ex-Senior Resident at AIIMS Jodhpur,
PGIMER Chandigarh and KGMU Lucknow.
Published 4 papers in various national and international journals.
Travel Fellowship Award: At SAATM conference at Gurgaon.
First prize for oral presentation: in National CME conducted by ISTM at AIIMS Jodhpur .

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