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The department is being run by a very well qualified team of doctors trained in different super-specialities of ophthalmology from the best institutes.

Dr. Rajesh Sahay
Dr Rajesh Sahay a Graduate from RMCH Ranchi and Post Graduate from NSCB medical college Jabalpur. He has been trained in Vitreo retina at Aravind Eye Hospital and Post Graduate Institute Coimbotore.
Since then, he has been practicing exclusively in the field of Vitreo-Retinal Medicine and Surgery. He is adequately trained and is the only speacialist in Lucknow region for evaluation and treatment of Retinopathy of prematurity.
His humble and approachable nature makes patients comfortable and assured.

Dr Anupam Purwar
Dr Anupam Purwar a Graduate and Post Graduate from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has been trained at Aravind Eye Hospital and Post graduate Institute, Coimbatore in comprehensive ophthalmology. His are the best hands behind the machine for all kinds of cataract surgeries. He is very competent and meticulous surgeon performs difficult surgeries with ease. He makes the use of best technology in the interest of patients.

The procedures performed are-
Micro incision phacoemulsification
Complicated cataract surgeries
Management of complications of cataract surgeries like endophthalmitis etc.
Paediatric cataract
Glaucoma evaluation and surgeries
Squint correction
Diabetic retinopathy evaluation and treatment
Retinal detachment surgeries
Management of ocular trauma
Treatment of age related macular degeneration
Evaluation and treatment of retinopathy of prematurity, etc.

The advantage offered in Sahara hospital is that one gets the most competitive packages and all specialities and all high end diagnostics under one roof. Opinion can also be sought from competent specialists & super-specialists of any field like Physicians, Diabetologists, Cardiologist etc. within the hospital.

The paramedical team in the department is very well trained in evaluation of refractive errors and providing low vision aids.

Department offers one of the most advanced and most competent ophthalmic services in the region We have consultants in different super- specialty including cataract , glaucoma retina etc and above all paediatric ophthalmology.we do have very well supported and well trained technical staff . We have most advanced equipments for Phaco and facility of diagnosing and treating diabetic retino pathy and other retina related problems .We also have round the clock facility of emergency services in ophthalmology department. Our team consists of a renowned ophthalmologist:Dr Rajesh Sahay (MS), Vitroro - renal surgeon, DR Anupam Purwar(MS)(Anterior SEGEMENT & phaco Specialists),Dr Anurag Mittal (MS)(Peadiatric Ophthalmology),Dr Bharti Nigam (Ms) glaucoma consultant.

Comprehensive Eye Service:
The Comprehensive Eye Service provides basic diagnostic, medical, and surgical services. These services include:

  • Screening and treatment for common eye diseases (e.g., cataract, glaucoma, diabetes-related eye problems)
  • Spectacle and contact lens prescriptionsand evaluation of patients who may have visual loss or complaints but do not know the diagnosis.

Cataract Services
We at Sahara hospital offer you the best and most advanced set of equipments and experts for phacoemulsification. The smallest incision cataract surgery (MICS) is available with us. It is done as day care and no admission is required.

Pediatric ophthalmology Service: The most common childhood eye diseases treated in this clinic are Refractive errors, strabismus, amblyopia, congenital cataract, congenital glaucoma and counseling genetic eye diseases. Jointly with the retina services it conducts screening and treatment of premature babies for RETINOPATHY OF PREMATURITY, and makes all efforts to enhance the residual vision in children with visual impairment by providing either optical or non optical low vision aid.

Emergency Eye Service:
Delivers 24-hour-a-day care for blunt , penetrating, chemical, and other eye injuries with "fast-track" assessment and treatment.

Sophisticated and specialized diagnostic services are immediately available, including MRI, CAT scans etc.
As all superspecialities are available under one roof services are complimented by neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, and anesthesiologists to address the patient's complete need during process of acute care.

Glaucoma Service:The Glaucoma Service offers comprehensive consultations and long-term care for all forms of glaucoma, including medical, and surgical treatment.

Low Vision and Visual Rehabilitation Service:At the Low Vision Rehabilitative Service, we assist an individual in regaining function lost by visual impairment. This typically includes addressing vision issues causing problems with reading, driving and activities of daily living.

Retina Service:Typical conditions treated in this department:Diabetic retinopathy and other vascular disorders, Age related macular degeneration (AMD),Retinal detachments, Eye tumors etc.

Oculoplastic Service: Typical conditions treated at this service include:
oculoplastic surgery, orbital fractures and trauma, and cancer,eyelid,,lacerations.

Inpatient Services: When the patient's condition calls for extended overnight observation and treatment, the staff offers not only specialized inpatient eye care but also experience in dealing with diabetes, hypertension, dialysis, and other medical concerns. Of course at any time the full resources of the Sahara Hospital and its specialists are available for the patient as required.

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