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Sahara College of Nursing & Paramedical Science
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Sr. AdvisorI wish to convey my heartfelt greetings to the Principal, Faculty, Nursing students of Our Nursing College. “Nursing epitomises trust, sacrifice, proficiency, diligence, humanity and care. We believe that the progress of a country depends on the health of its citizen and the educational of the nurses contributes a lot to promote and maintain health of a nation as a whole The Sahara College of Nursing has developed from strength to strength and has captured its prime place among the Nursing Colleges in U.P. The institution has done extremely well and promoted all round development of the students with special emphasis on Intellectual, Cultural Spritual aspects to prepare them as effective change agents in the dynamic society .The Sahara college of Nursing and Paramedical science take up the responsibility in providing nursing education in order to produce skilled highly competent qualified nurses to face the Professional challenges and to serve the patients with selflessness and dedication.

We strive to encourage and facilitate education of young students, so as to become change makers for betterment of society and cultivate pain and sufferings

Anil Vikram Singh
Senior Advisor - Sahara India Pariwar


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

The educational scenario facets the length and breadth of the nation currently is in a tremendous phase of transition. The scope and context of the word ‘Education “has undergone a sea change and is not merely confined to providing formal education but cutting across wide spectrum encompassing many other related facts of such as including human values, ethics, personality growth, nurturing and honing creative potential of student to take their competence and natural flair to the highest level of productivity and creativity. We may take a justifiable pride in stressing the fact that this is exactly what we are doing in our institution.

Our students do well in extra-curricular activities and they are nurtured with lots of love and care. We strive to educate the students to grow up as responsible citizens who may become leaders of mankind.

We along with our team of able leaders are confident that our high value adding initiatives will help to create tomorrow’s skilled practitioners, as value is all about upgrading skills of individual and contributing to the path of knowledge and success.

Prof. Rossily Nirmal

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