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Sahara College of Nursing & Paramedical Science
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INFRASTRUCTURE & OTHER FACILITIES Physical Facilities: Sahara College of Nursing has been strategically located within the premises of Sahara Hospital

Clinical Facilities: The 378 bedded Sahara hospital has over 50 super speciality departments equipped with advanced technology, provides protocol training for trainee nurses.

Teaching Facilities: The parent Hospital of Sahara College of Nursing is clinically administered by highly professional and qualified Medical Staff who also provide teaching to the students of Sahara College of Nursing.

Labs Teaching Facilities: Sahara College of Nursing have the best and technically advanced Laboratory of Nursing foundation, Community Health, Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology and Computer sciences.

Computers: Keeping pace with the latest technology, we at Sahara college of Nursing, have a fully equipped computer laboratory with multimedia, Internet and Intranet facility and HIS system. Students are encouraged to utilize it to maximum.

Health Programme: Medical examination is conducted at admission as well as each year. Medical facilities are available to the students in case of sickness, as per the rules and regulations of Sahara Medical Institute Ltd.

Sports Activities: "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl". The College has adequate space for indoor and outdoor games & sports like, football, volleyball, badminton, cricket ond others for Student’s overall growth.

Extra Curricular Activities: There is a multipurpose Hall in the College for organizing extra curricular activities and other cultural programme. Educational tours and picnics are also arranged besides all other activities. Students also celebrate various national and religious festivals with its full vigor.

Hostel and MESS: Our student’s Hostel is a home away from home. We have a separate hostel and mess for students. Hostel has adequate facilities for shared accommodation. The hostel accommodation for students is equipped with living room, MESS dining area and recreation room etc.


1 Mrs. Rossily Nirmal M.Sc.(N) Obg. and Gynae Nursing
2 Mrs. Sherlin Raji M.Sc.(N) Psychiatric Nursing
3 Ms. .Pratibha Srivastava M.Sc.(N) Community Health Nursing
4 Ms. Laxmi Pandey M.Sc.(N) Obg. and Gynae Nursing
5 Ms. Elizabeth Joseph M.Sc.(N) Obg. and Gynae Nursing
6 Mrs. Ekta Upadhyay B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
7 Mrs. Hebsiba B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
8 Mrs. Princia R. D’Souza M.Sc.(N) Paediatric Nursing
9 Ms. Pooja Singh M.Sc.(N) Medical & Surgical Nursing
10 Ms. Manisha Chaubey M.Sc.(N) Medical & Surgical Nursing
11 Ms. Supriya Singh M.Sc.(N) Paediatric Nursing
12 Ms. Anupama Ruth Chattri M.Sc.(N) Community Health Nursing
13 Ms. Reema Paul M.Sc.(N) Obg. and Gynae Nursing
14 Ms. Roseline M.Sc.(N) Obg. And Gynae Nursing
15 Ms. Chandni Goswami  B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
16 Ms. Pragya Mishra  B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
17 Ms. Vandana Shukla  B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
18 Ms. Shubhra Yadav  B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
19 Ms. Komal  B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
20 Ms. Joohi Elizabeth  B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
21 Ms. Nisha Jaraut B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
22 Ms. Suman Yadav  B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor
23 Ms. Sonali Gupta B.Sc.(N) Clinical Instructor/Tutor

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